Archive of 3rd #mediaedchat

Was a quiet one this week, which is representative of the time of year where school performances and other activities are happening. But it was great to see folk get involved and also ideas being generated. I think the common consensus is that it would be great to see some Media Studies TeachMeet style events taking place around the country in conjunction with the local MEA groups being established. Please have a look at the MEA site to see if there’s a group near you, and if there isn’t one, why not contact the MEA to see if they can help you set up one?!


#mediaedchat 3

Many thanks to @hgaldinoshea who has come up with tonight’s topic for #mediaedchat:

“In what ways can the Media Education Association and local networks of educationalists work together to promote Media Studies and support teachers?”

Am sure that this will provoke an array of ideas and responses for what is a vital question to push forward media education in all its forms.

See you later at 8pm!

Skills? What skills? #mediaedcat 2

During last week’s #mediaedchat Neil Martin (@nizlamb) mentioned that Media Education offers students numerous skills. I thought that this was a pertinent comment, especially considering the public’s perception (positive and negative) of the relevancy of media being taught to students. For a handout for prospective A Level students, some old students of mine came up with the following skills that they believed Media Education offered:


Therefore I would like to offer the topic of “what skills does Media Education offer and how can we celebrate these skills to change perception?

Last week’s debut of #mediaedchat was a huge success and I am sure that this week’s will be of equal measure.

If you have any topic that you would like to discuss for future chats, please feel free to offer.

Very little room for optimism?

During David Buckingham‘s engaging keynote speech at the MEA/BFI Conference last Saturday, he addressed the possible future that Media and Film Education faces in the UK. Covering issues such as the privatisation/marketisation of education, the way(s) in which Media Education is perceived within the UK, and how the current government seems intent on harking back to a model that fits the 19th century rather than one designed for the 21st century; Buckingham painted a relatively bleak picture, however he also argued that as educationalists we should be fighting our corner.

Towards the beginning of his keynote you could hear the audience shuffle in their seats with unease when he claimed that there was “very little room for optimism” for media education. Therefore the first topic of #mediaedchat will be to discuss whether there is “very little room for optimism“? And also what can we do to defend/promote/change the subject in these ‘hard times’? Looking forward to an invigorating discussion tomorrow!


With the excitement of the second MEA/BFI: Media and Film Education Futures conference taking place tomorrow I’ve proposed on Twitter that it could be a good starting point to start a weekly #mediaedchat on Twitter. There are numerous weekly education chats taking place on Twitter these days, but there seems to be a gap where practitioners and enthusiasts of media education can get together to discuss relevant topics. Hopefully the idea will catch on and grow, which might have the potential to develop into local meetings of media teachers (as being advocated by the local MEA groups that are currently being set up around the country).

I thought that this post could be a starting point of highlighting the Twitter accounts of media teachers around the UK and internationally (please feel free to comment with other accounts that can be updated to the list).

The first #mediaedchat will take place on Tuesday 27 November at 8pm.

Here’s hoping that others feel that this is a good idea!

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