Media Production Videos

Just a short post to highlight some of the work my Media Studies class have done. I am very pleased with what they have come up with, and the editing in one is particularly impressive (will let you decide which one I mean!). I feel that it’s a real shame that these productions don’t go towards their final grade – perhaps this is something that ought to be addressed by the powers that be?

The information that they were provided with was:

The Brief:

Create a 2 minute (minimum) opening sequence to a film in the genre of thriller.

• medium (film)
• purpose (entertainment)
• form (opening sequence)
• genre (thriller)
• target audience (teenagers 15 -19)
• length (no less than 2 minutes)
• deadline (end of March 2010)

What I am looking for:

An effective opening which establishes the central narrative.
Continuity editing
Mise-en-scene that relates to the whole film (eg a character’s clothing, props, makeup)
Effective and appropriate use of music
Use of thriller conventions (eg an enigma), especially film noir.

The videos can be viewed on my Vimeo page here

Please feel free to add comments and these will be fed back to the various groups.


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