Reflections on An Tur – The FilmG Entry

Since late August this year, the filmmaking group that I run at school have been busy preparing, shotting, and editing the film that we have submitted for this year’s FilmG competition. One of the main focuses of the group is to create some films through the medium of Gaelic and because we knew that FilmG run an annual competition we were eager to submit something this year (and also it gave the group impetus to work towards a deadline and finish a film).

During the filmmaking process, the group experienced some highs and lows, and each member developed certain skills and (I hope) enjoyed it. During it we encountered technical difficulties, transport problems (that’s a whole embarrassing story in itself!), and were hampered by the temperamental Islay weather. However, I am extremely proud of all the pupils that were involved in the filming. These kids sacrificed earning money from their weekend jobs to film on a couple of Saturdays, they worked hard on creating the right atmosphere for the film, they were willing to work in a language that most of them are unfamiliar with, and they maintained a positive, patient and jovial attitude despite having to do take after take after take.

Among the skills that they have developed are: camera work using a Panasonic HMC151, storyboarding, editing using Vegas Pro, sound design, costume, how to work as a group, and how to overcome differences. No doubt there are many more that I’ve forgotten.

Since putting the film up online, the group has been encouraged by the feedback received, especially from some professionals in the industry. This response has encouraged the group to reflect upon the process and product, and they are planning to do a complete reshoot of the film, concentrating on the script and spending more time on getting all the shots and cuts just right. I can’t wait to see how this progresses 🙂

There are few thanks that have been omitted from the film: Annchris MacLean for helping with translations; Islay Estates for allowing us to film at the tower, Steven for staying after school to work on the final edit, and those who have donated money to allow us to purchase equipment for the group. And a very special thanks to my dearest friend Mark (ZnO) for the music.

Would love to read any comments you have about the film, and these will be fed back to the group.


3 thoughts on “Reflections on An Tur – The FilmG Entry

  1. As I don’t speak any Gaelic I don’t know what you actually say, but the end seemed to be an open end with an unanswered question or another mystery?

    Assuming that’s correct, is that deliberate and do you have plans for a sequel?

  2. Many thanks Armin. The end does indeed open up an enigma, that being 3 more girls that are missing.

    We don’t plan on a sequel, but are doing a reshoot of the film where the narrative will be clearer

  3. Enjoyed your short film. I can’t speak gaelic either, other than a few bits I picked up from the gaelic playgroup in a school I worked in! You’ve put a lot of hard work into it. I found it pretty scary and it still had me thinking for a long time after watching. Good luck with the further work you’re doing on it.

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