Scottish Screen MIE Video

Following on from my previous post which included the vital pdf document published by Scottish Screen, please find embedded a short video from the accompanying DVD. I feel that this video, produced by Strange Boat, is a great introduction to the importance of MIE and can easily be used for CPD purposes and in the classroom.

It includes interviews from a variety of people, including educationists, filmmakers and pupils, as well as examples of their work. It addresses the importance of not only producing films within the classroom environment, but also the need to critically engage with moving image.

Many thanks to David Barras of Strange Boat for uploading this to Vimeo.



This blog has been in the pipeline for some time. I’ve continually hesitated as to what I would want to do with a blog and also what it’s purpose would be, whilst firmly believing that this form of media needs to have a purpose.

In the past few months I have had the fortune to become a Lead Practitioner in Moving Image Education for Scottish Screen and have also been heavily involved in the creation of a filmmaking group at the school I work at. Both of these have allowed me to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of the moving image with others, both in a practical and critical  sense. Therefore it made sense that I should develop a blog that would work alongside these two remits.

Some of the aims of this are to create a platform where resources will be shared; where debates will emerge; where I can share developments of moving image education throughout the UK (especially Scotland); to create an avenue to share films created by the above mentioned group; and to chat about all aspects of film in general.

To get things started I’m attaching the latest document from Scottish Screen regarding Moving Image Education (MIE). Copies are available from Scottish Screen and the hard copy also includes a DVD. Would love to hear your thoughts about this document.

Enjoy and I look forward to blogging, blabbering and sharing.


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